Outer Cape Woodworking

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Our Clients say:

My association with R.E. Higgins-Steele spans a time frame of some 20 years.  During this time I have come to rely on the quality, expertise and pleasure of designing / fabricating with this most knowledgeable construction firm.  Because of the distance from Boston and on going work there I have come to rely on Bob Higgins-Steele's expert communication and wide range of talents.   His participation allows me the luxury of less time on the job.                                                                                   

William Hodgins / William Hodgins Inc

Boston, MA

“R.E. Higgins-Steele has been building furniture and executing high end residential carpentry work for me for over 18 years.  His work is of the highest quality.   His versatility and creativity are extra ordinary.   Personally, Bob is a pleasure to work with.  In addition, his furniture and cabinetry have been a constant source of pleasure for my clientele.   I recommend Bob, his company and their excellent work with my highest praise.”                 

Lisa Vandenburgh / Lisa Vandenburgh, Ltd

Washington DC